Underwrite Mission Support

Rather than just an air transportation service for our clients, CFOH becomes a component of the child’s overall treatment plan. That means we follow their progress and assist by providing resources that help ease travel, hospital stays, and recovery. By underwriting mission support aspects of our work, you allow us to focus on providing flights for children in need. Your funds will be specifically restricted to the purpose designated, and you will receive benefits as identified below.

The amounts specified provide financing for the effort for one full year. The cost can be split into monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual payment amounts and paid using cash, check, or credit card.

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We like to share special days with our CFOH kids, which is why we send custom-made birthday cards to celebrate the occasion. You can underwrite the supplies needed for these cards and, in exchange, we’ll include your name/logo on the back of the card with the designation as the CFOH birthday card sponsor.

Traveling with a sick child can be complicated. Our family support webinar series will help clients navigate the difficulties of flying: what to pack, how to get through security with medications, traveling with medical equipment, and more. Webinar underwriters will be identified during the live and recorded broadcast, with your name/logo and website address in the webinar materials.

Our Family Fun Day is geared toward providing a way for the entire family to forget, if only briefly, the worries associated with being/having a sick child. This carnival-style event will be hosted in locations where we have a critical mass of client families. As a Family Fun Day sponsor, your name/logo will be included on the invitation. You will also be given the opportunity to have signage and a display at the event, distribute information or promotional items, and make brief remarks to the guests.

The most impactful testimonials we share are those that come directly from our CFOH kids and their families. By documenting their stories on video, our supporters and volunteers have the opportunity to get to know our clients as we do. We use client story videos at speaking engagements, on social media and our website, and at fundraising events. As an underwriter of a client story video, your name/logo will be displayed on the video, with the designation as the video sponsor.

Prior to a client’s first flight with CFOH, we send a family care package that includes items to make their travel less arduous. The care package is comprised of a colorful backpack (perfect for hanging on the back of a wheelchair), luggage tag, travel kit, fleece blanket, aviator bear toy, and age-appropriate activities. As the family care package sponsor, you will be given the opportunity to include a note and promotional items in the backpack. You will also be identified as the family care package sponsor on the CFOH website, with a hyperlink to your website.

If you are interested in underwriting a mission support initiative, please contact Haley at 984.465.0482 or haley@cfoh.org.