Private Flight Program

Children’s Flight of Hope is the only humanitarian flight organization that provides both private and commercial travel options for children requiring specialized medical care. In doing so, CFOH is nimble and efficient, and can address each child’s unique, and oftentimes complicated, medical situation. The treatments, therapies, and surgeries endured by these children will dramatically improve these children’s lives. The only issue is in their ability to get there, which is where CFOH and our partners makes our impact.

When the small CFOH Cessna 414, operated by volunteer pilots, was sold in 2014, it offered an opportunity to expand our scope by considering all aspects of air transportation. To conserve donor resources, CFOH began purchasing commercial flights for children medically stable enough to travel on major airlines. This allowed the organization to expand nationally and increase support significantly. For those children who are more medically vulnerable, and to honor the organization’s history, Children’s Flight of Hope turned to trusted charter operators, brokers and corporate flight departments to provide private flights for children when all other options have been exhausted.

Together, we fly for their lives.

Can You Help Make a Difference with a Flight?

Corporate Flight Donations

When CFOH connects with a new corporate partner willing to donate a flight, the benefits are two-fold. Your donation gives us the opportunity to directly benefit a child who desperately needs this flight and we are able to reallocate those funds earmarked for the flight to support other children in need. Donating flights is an excellent way to utilize your aircraft and engage your pilots to benefit children in need. It is such a unique opportunity to bring together the assets you have to support families in the community we share.

Children’s Flight of Hope believes that safety is paramount and communication is key. To that end, we work to ensure risk is mitigated and your crew and aircraft are fully supported throughout the entire process – before, during and after the flight. Read more about the need for private flights and our commitment to companies who participate in our Corporate Flight Donation Program.

Charter Flight Purchases

Our team has seen, first hand, how the safety and efficiency of charter flights can save lives. As such, we believe that charter operators and brokers offer an underutilized resource for much needed private flight efforts. CFOH is a privately funded organization that is supported through corporate and individual donors who also see and value the possibilities offered by charter travel. The CFOH team uses these contributions as a way to invest in the industry and build long-term partnerships with operators and brokers who want to support our mission, but also need to cover costs and run their operations responsibly.

As such, our goal is to build mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationships with Part-135 operators and charter brokers, FBOs and fuel providers, maintenance facilities and ground transportation companies who can all help to expand our mission of hope for these families in need.

Our Commitment to You

Tax Implications
Children’s Flight of Hope supports any and all company efforts to obtain tax benefits and/or mitigate liabilities. CFOH staff continues to explore and monitor regulatory and tax considerations for charitable flight donations. Please engage your tax attorneys as needed and/or connect with our staff directly to discuss options.
Planning & Communication
Much time is spent communicating specific travel information and expectations to the family prior to departure. Ground transportation is assured on both ends of the flight, and weights and baggage information are obtained for flight planning purposes. At the discretion of the pilots, CFOH will negotiate fuel discounts and fee waivers at FBOs. Once logistics are arranged, a comprehensive “Mission Delivery Form” is sent to the pilots for examination, feedback and approval.
Risk Mitigation
Children’s Flight of Hope prides itself on operating as safely and efficiently as possible. Comprehensive waivers, holding harmless CFOH and any/all aircraft owners and operators, are signed by each passenger including any staff or volunteer Family Flight Liaison. Additionally, CFOH will make every effort to provide a trained CFOH Family Flight Liaison to accompany the family on the flight. This person does not provide medical support but acts as the center point of communication and troubleshooting throughout the travel day.

Days prior to departure, a detailed description is provided of any medical equipment being used or stowed on board the aircraft. As this is considered a humanitarian flight, CFOH works to obtain fuel discounts and landing/airport fee waivers at each FBO. Additionally, pilots may use the Compassion (CMF) Call Sign when filing flight plans and during flight. It will simply be noted as Compassion + Tail #.

Our clients are covered for liability by your already-existing insurance policy. CFOH asks to keep a copy of the company’s certificate of insurance with information regarding general liability limits and per passenger coverage. CFOH also holds general liability insurance of up to $3 million as well as a non-owned aircraft insurance policy of up to $10 million. Companies are asked to add CFOH as an additional insured on its corporate insurance certificate.

Passenger Qualifications
Each family is qualified medically and financially prior to acceptance into our program. All of the children we serve are considered medically stable as determined by their physician. Some children require oxygen in flight, utilize wheelchairs, and transport medications to and from treatments. All of these issues are communicated and approved by the company and aircraft operator days prior to accepting the flight request. No child requiring medical care in transit is permitted on any CFOH-provided flight. Children requiring advanced medical support are referred to our air ambulance resource.
Ease of Involvement
The CFOH Corporate Flight Donation Program works within your company’s established travel schedule. It is most efficient for CFOH to be notified weekly, monthly or quarterly of the corporate flight schedule. This information is shared with no one. Once a client need is determined and matched with an open date, a CFOH mission delivery specialist connect with the company’s point of contact to obtain appropriate permissions and confirm travel logistics.
Gratitude & Recognition
Photos of the family during the flight provided and a framed letter of gratitude from Children’s Flight of Hope and CFOH graciously provides tax appropriate receipt letters for any donated flight. If the company so wishes, CFOH is happy to write and submit press releases and make media contacts to promote the corporate donation. However, CFOH understands and respects the privacy of any company who wishes to remain anonymous. Blog posts and logo placement are included on CFOH website and social media mentions are placed as deemed appropriate by a corporate donor. All flight donors are permitted to use the CFOH logo and website link in their internal and external promotional materials.

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Private Flights

Stories of Hope

The greatest reward for CFOH is hearing the stories of the families weve helped.

They are stories of courage, of compassion, of love, and - most certainly - of hope.



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