Guiding Principles

Children’s Flight of Hope maintains a child-centric approach in our daily activities. In all that we do, we consider what is best for our clients, the seriously ill and injured children we serve with free air transportation. Board leadership, staff and volunteers all strive to make the best decisions possible in accordance with our guiding principles.


CFOH provides services quickly and efficiently, but seeks to do so in a way that brings peace and comfort to families in turmoil. Rather than just an air transportation service for our clients, we become a component of the child’s overall treatment plan. And, for those families who do not meet our criteria, we strive to connect them with resources who can best help with their requests.


CFOH works to the best of our abilities to provide prompt and courteous service to those who request our services, those who support our organization, and those with whom we interact.


CFOH recognizes the safety of our clients as paramount during all aspects of air travel provided by CFOH. Every effort is made prior to and during flights to ensure client and volunteer safety.

Financial Responsibility

CFOH recognizes the importance of properly managing funds while achieving our objectives. Efforts are made in all aspects of our work to maintain cost effectiveness and responsible spending, ensuring all donor funds are used properly and efficiently.


CFOH maintains the highest level of integrity and transparency. This includes, but is not limited to, being open and honest in how donations will be and are used, avoiding conflicts of interest, and providing organizational information publicly.


CFOH is appreciative of the many donors, volunteers, partners, and supporters who make our mission possible. We strive to show this thankfulness in each every interaction.