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Without a crew, a flight can’t get off the ground. When a child flies with CFOH, that “crew” also consists of people behind the scenes who make the flight happen, like our fundraisers and donors. As an independently-funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit, every donation makes a difference and helps us fly more children in need.

You can help by fundraising on behalf of CFOH. We’ve partnered with MobileCause to make it easier than ever. In less than five minutes, you can build your own fundraising page to spread the word and collect donations for CFOH. Use it for an upcoming race or event, to share on social media, or even to get people to donate in honor of someone’s birthday. You can customize your page with your own pictures and story of what CFOH means to you to motivate your friends and family to give.

Your MobileCause page tracks who gives to your fundraiser and the totals, automatically sends donors a thank-you email and tax receipt and forwards the donations directly to Children’s Flight of Hope. Your family and friends can even donate from their phones.

Click here or follow the links below to create your own fundraising page. Keep reading to find out more about MobileCause and how you can use it to fund CFOH flights.

Thank you for supporting Children’s Flight of Hope by fundraising on our behalf! Every gift makes a difference and helps give children access to life-changing medical care. You’re helping spread the word about CFOH and engaging new audiences, as well as raising valuable funds. Together we have already provided more than 1,000 flights this year. Please contact us to talk about your fundraising ideas.  

How do I customize my page?

Customizing your page is the first step of your successful fundraiser. People will be more likely to donate to your campaign if you tell them why CFOH is important to you and why you’re fundraising. Has CFOH helped your family personally? Do you support CFOH because you know your donations make a real impact on children in need? Let your friends know!

You can start customizing your page right after you sign up, and make edits any time. You can change your profile picture, change your fundraising goal, add images and include your personal story. Your confirmation email includes the shareable link to your page and a quick link to customize it at any time. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t receive it.

Click here to watch a video from MobileCause that shows you how to edit your page, step by step. Your page will automatically have content provided by CFOH, including a compelling message, video, and shareable social media messages. Feel free to use this content or share your own. 

Toolkit - How do I get people to donate?

The great thing about MobileCause is that it gives you the power to share CFOH’s mission with your friends and networks to make a difference. The more you share your story, the more people you will reach and the faster you’ll reach your goal. You can share the link to your page on social media, via email with friends and family, with your church, on neighborhood message boards, or anywhere you think it will be seen. 

Organizing your fundraising campaign around a specific goal or event can be a great motivator for people to donate. You may want to promote your campaign until you reach a specific goal such as $250 or $500 or all month leading up to a specific holiday or birthday. Click here to see a list of fundraising event ideas from MobileCause.

Be sure to post regularly, include the link and a compelling fact, story, or image to motivate people to give. You can find examples, sample emails, and posts in our fundraising toolkit here and download images formatted for social media below.

Social  Image 1    Social Image 2    Social Image 3    Social Image 4

Can I create a team?
Yes! On the sign up page, you have the option to make a team. This will create a new team page where other people can join, and everyone’s donations will count towards the team fundraising total. As the team captain, you can customize the page and recruit others to join your team.
What if someone wants to write a check?

We can accept checks and apply them to your fundraising total. Be sure the check is made out directly to Children’s Flight of Hope or CFOH, include a note of which fundraiser it is for and mail it to us at 1101 Aviation Parkway, Suite D Morrisville, NC 27560. When we receive the check, we will update your fundraising total on MobileCause so it will reflect on your page and send the donor a receipt. 

Can I choose who my funds benefit?

All donations received through MobileCause peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns will be allocated to our general fund and cannot be designated for specific clients or families. Fundraising on behalf of CFOH does not affect mission-delivery decisions or the likelihood of a specific client receiving support.

What is MobileCause?

MobileCause is an easy to use peer-to-peer fundraising platform similar to YouCaring or GoFundMe. You can build a custom page, set a fundraising goal, and collect donations on behalf of CFOH. All donor data and processing is 100% private and secure, donors receive an automatic receipt for tax-deductible donations and funds are automatically direct deposited to Children’s Flight of Hope.

MobileCause withholds 2.5% of each donation to cover credit card card processing fees and does not charge transaction fees. Donors have the option of covering the 2.5% charge at check out. Your page displays your progress and everyone that has supported your campaign.

Stories of Hope

The greatest reward for CFOH is hearing the stories of the families weve helped.

They are stories of courage, of compassion, of love, and - most certainly - of hope.