Bella’s CFOH Story

Isabella, or Bella as she prefers, is an old soul living in the body of a 13-year-old girl. She is brilliant, intuitive, extremely well read, and so very kind. The only indication that she is still a young girl is her love for American Girl Dolls, which she photographs in various situations and posts them to her Instagram account, @thenookdolls, that has over 11,000 followers.

Since childhood, Bella never had so much as a cold, only taking antibiotics once in her life. She was active and healthy, a dancer who’s only “food vice” were the gummy candies that her mother rarely let her enjoy. It never occurred to her parents, Dorin and Brenda, that their only daughter would be diagnosed with cancer, osteosarcoma in her right leg with metastasis to her lungs. Needless to say, they were devastated, but this ever-faithful family has been fighting hard every moment since that diagnosis. Even though they live in Greenville, SC, very close to Shriners Hospital which specializes in pediatric orthopedics, the treatment options were limited and included taking most and possibly all of her leg, and continuing with strong rounds of chemotherapy.

In an effort to leave no stone unturned, Bella was referred to specialists at both Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, both in New York City. However, due to her immuno-compromised and severely weakened state, she had no way to get there. On her behalf and so as not to get their hopes up, a social worker at Shriners called CFOH directly to ask for a private flight. Thankfully, we were able to negotiate substantial discounts from our charter broker for the departure flight and from Causey Aviation for the return, allowing us to stay within budget while helping this child that had no other option. Lane Aviation even left a big pink teddy bear in the plane that she slept with each night during the trip. We are lucky to be serving and working with such amazing people!